Designing your store

What level of support can I get from Sell365?
You can get all support related to technical issues and accounts as per your pricing plan.
Do I need to have coding skills to design my store?
Not required. We are providing easy-to-use Live Editor tool through which you can design your website using simple drag and drop feature without any coding.


Will you provide company email account using my domain name?
No, you have to provide your MX record details to us, we will update it from our end. You can use you existing email services.
Can I transfer my domain to sell365?
Yes, please contact us via support@sell365.com.
What if renewal comes for my domain name?
If the domain is booked with us, we will be sending you the alerts via email and you can make payment      via sell365 account balance or pay using Netbanking/Credit Card/Debit Card. If the domain is booked apart from sell365 you have to do the renewal from your end.  
How can I make a payment for a domain?
You can use your  sell365 account balance or pay using Netbanking/Credit Card/Debit Card
Can I book my domain name through sell365?
Yes, Go to Settings → Domain → Click Book Domain to start booking your domain.

Getting started

How do I get customers to my store?
You have the following options By promoting your store in social network By doing regular SEO (our platform is SEO optimized) By ADWords targeting By posting blogs By sending regular newsletters
Can I integrate sell365 with my existing website?
Right now it is not possible. But, if you have any specific requirement, please contact us: sales@sell365.com
Can I change my plan later on?
Yes. You can change your plan anytime by clicking upgrade my account option in your panel.
Is coding knowledge required for website building?
No,You can design your store pages without any knowledge of coding.
How can I build my website?
We have easy-to-use drag and drop feature for building the website and also for designing your store pages.
What do I need in order to start selling?
You have to do a sign-up and pay subscription fees.
Who can participate in Sell365?
Any users having products to sell and users not having their own products but interested to sell other's products can use our platform.
What is sell365 do?
Sell365 is a ecommerce platform, we are not selling anything we are encouraging merchants  to sell products by providing easy to use tools for designing your store, processing your order, accepting payments etc..

Managing your store

Can I customize my back-end admin?
Customizing back-end is not possible. But, you can customize your store front completely.
Can I customize the attributes of the products?
Yes, you can customize the attributes of the products and it is available in the product screen.
Can I add products and categories in bulk to the inventory?
Yes,  you can use the bulk product import tool.
Can I see the category wise and product wise sales statistics?
Yes, stats can be seen in your admin panel.


Will you provide any mobile application for managing my store?
Yes. Only for Android you get it from android play store.
What should I do for importing bulk products?
You can import all you products by updloading your data. Refer this article for importing your product
Can you manage my store?
Yes, we will do the managed ecommerce store where you will be provided with one dedicated account manager for managing your store. For details please do contact us at sales@sell365.com
Can I avail COD on drop selling?
It is based upon the products, if the seller enables COD faciliy on his product then you can avail the COD facility.
Can I sell other merchant’s products?
Yes, of course, you can sell other merchant's products.
What is a drop selling?
Selling other merchant products and getting the commission on sales from your store.
Can I create multiple stores using one account?
Right now, it is not possible. We are working on it and will enable it shortly.
When does the billing for an upgradation starts ?
No matter when you upgrade, your billing starts from the day you upgrade.
What are the terms of service ?
Please click the link. ( show the link)
How do I cancel my account ?
Please contact your Sell365 account manager or send a mail to support@sell365.com
What happens in case of dispute, related to the revenue I have been paid?
For any payment disputes, contact your Sell 365 account manager with the full details of the issue. Will review your query and give you the best and a friendly solution.

Order processing

Do I get Proof-Of-Delivery (POD)?
Yes, it will be updated in your orders page
Can we define our own Return and Refund policy?
You can define your own return and refund policy
How do I know about my orders?
You will be notifed by EMAIL and SMS


What information do I need to access my client’s site ?
You can access the Live Editor and few functionalities on the dashboard. Please click the link for more info. ( show the link ).
How do I hand over the work to my client ?
Whenever you hand over the work to a new client, you will  have to create a merchant login, which is unique for all. Once your work  is done, guide them through the following steps:
  1. Educate them on the functionality of Live Editor, merchant dashboard. Show him the demo, for a better understanding.
  2. Teach them how to install Sell365 mobile apps and its functionality
  3. Pass him the merchant id and login details. Also tell him to change the password.
  4. Once the password is changed and the payment is received, his store will go live.
What all I cannot sell through Sell365 platform?
You cannot use our platform to sell porns, any banned goods, drugs, and products prohibited in your country or state.
What if I’m not satisfied with the services ?
We will give you a 30 days free TRIAL period. If you are not satisfied, then you can cancel it at any time. There will be no refunds for cancellation on the midway .
What about upgradation ?
All our upgradation are absolutely free .
What are all the resources I can use from Sell365?
Any content that is marked as free. You can use it for your project any number of times. But, it can be used only on the Sell365 platform.
Are any taxes applicable?
Yes. Service tax of 12.36% will be deducted from all the earnings .
What are my revenue streams as a partner ?
Create website /webstore for your clients and take 50% as revenue share on all our subscription plans (except free plans ). When you sell your images, application, templates, photos, and content, we will pass 70% back to you. Refer a business and get 25% as revenue share for a lifetime .
What if I’m an individual?
Great! Make some extra money just by learning about our platform. Join our affiliate program, get us the business and we will pass up to 25% referral fees. Also you can create work for your leads and take up to 50% revenue share on our subscription plan.
What if I’m a photographer ?
Smile please! You can sell your images, and videos from our platform to all the partners . We will pass up to 70% of the sales generated . We will also get you business leads and showcase your profile . Our partners can get in touch with you for their clients requirements.
Can I pay monthly?
No, we don’t have a monthly subscription plan. All our plans are annual .
When will my billing period starts?
Your billing starts from the day you go live. Create Merchant Login and publish your site. Then, your billing cycle starts right away.
When will I receive commission for my work?
If payment is collected by us, then we will transfer all the payments on 25th of every month .
How will I receive payments?
All the payments will be transferred into your bank account linked with us.
How can I pay?
Net-banking, credit cards, debit cards, and cash deposits.
How can a Partner earn through Merchants?
A Partner can earn through merchants by creating online stores as well as banners, images, and templates.
What are the earning possibilities for a Partner in Sell365?
By Creating websites/ web-store, templates, banners, and widgets. A partner can also earn by selling the content and also by referring a merchant.
How can a Partner create Merchant Stores?
Sign-up for the partner program and from your dashboard you can create stores for multiple merchants.
Who can be a Partner?
Web designers, developers, freelancers, SEO, media companies, content writers, photographers, individuals, and websites ( affiliates ).
What is a Partner Program?
Sell365 gives you multiple ways to make more money. The revenue streams are through the creation of websites, client referrals, and sale of apps, themes, and images.

Payments & COD

What is the order processing charge?
Please refer the pricing page to know about the order processing charges.
How does ‘Merchant Account’ work?
  • Customer places an order in your store
  • You will be notified by EMAIL and SMS regarding the order
  • You start processing the order using shipping partner
  • Order is delivered to customer
  • You will receive your payment
What are the types of payments accepted in Sell365?
Netbanking, Credit Card, and Debit Card
Will you charge for COD?
No. All your COD transactions are absolutely FREE
Can I integrate my own payment gateway?
No. We are providing centralized payment gateway for payment processing.
What is the transcation charges for order?
Kindly refer the pricing table to know about the transaction charges.
How and when can I collect my payments?
Your account will be credited in T+7 working days. We will notify the same via email.


Do I need to enter my credit card to sign up?
No. Not necessary. You can try the services of Sell365 for 30 days absolutely FREE without giving any credit card or payment information. You can collect the payment from your customers, through our integrated payment gateways. An affordable and more flexible credit card processing services are also available in Sell365 to meet all your payment requirements.
What is the meaning of an “Integrated Payment Gateway”?
Sell365.com offers multiple payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. It supports integration with payment gateways at no additional costs. Sell365.com also offers easy EMI payment options to their customers for their purchases, however big or small. You can receive your payments through mobile or Cash-On-Delivery.
Do you charge anything for Domain Renewals?
Yes. We will charge annually for Domain Renewals.
Are we entitled to pay any additional hosting charges?
There are no additional hosting charges levied and you don't need to buy any additional hosting either.
Is the given pricing inclusive of service tax?
Yes, all the Sell365 plan charges are inclusive of service tax.
How will I know which plan is best suited for me?
Our eCommerce expert will map your business requirements as per the feature availability and guide you with a solution best suited for your business.
What is Sell365’s pricing model?
Sell365 works on SaaS (Software As A Service) model. So, you will be charged monthly subscription fee based on the plan you opt for.
Can you please describe the mode of payment?
The mode of payment is really trouble-free. You should simply enter your credit or debit card information on the checkout page. Depending on the plan you select, your card will be charged annually for the monthly subscription. You can also change your credit card information at any time, without any worries.
Do you charge transaction fees?
Yes, according to your account type.
Will I get an unlimited disk space or a limited disk space?
With Sell365, your disk space is limited according to your account type.
What is a bandwidth? Kindly let me know about its limitations.
Bandwidth is nothing but the number of visitors on your website. All Sell365 plans comes with an unlimited bandwidth, which is purely for your convenience. It means that Sell365 will not restrict traffic on your store in anyway and you are entitled to enjoy the maximum benefits.
What do you mean by marketplace integration?
Sell365 integrates with eBay and Amazon so your products are fundamentally listed on these marketplaces. You can also import orders straightly from your sell365 panel.
Please explain about automatic shipping?
Sell365 has an API link with all leading courier companies which allow you to automatically generate a shipment tracking number, create shipping labels, and COD labels and also generate pick up requests. Once you mark an order as fulfilled, your order status also changes and your customers are also given the notification automatically.
Kindly provide me the guidance to ship my products?
Sell365 integrates with leading local, national, and international courier companies – such as BlueDart, FedEx, Aramex, FirstFlight, Professional, & DHL. As a merchant, you are required only to sign up with Sell365 and use our contract to ship with the above. The major advantage is lower price and also a hassle free experience, which is required for your business enhancement.
What will be the duration of your contract period?
All our plans are month to month (except Starter Plan) unless you sign up for an annual plan.
Can I change my plan in the future?
Yeah absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, depending on your business requirements.
If I wish to cancel my account, can I cancel it at any time?
Yes. If you ever decide or feel that Sell365 isn't the apt eCommerce platform for your business, then you can go ahead and simply cancel your account from your control panel.
Is it mandatory to make a payment to sign up?
No. You can sign up and use Sell365 for 30 days without making a payment. At the end of your trial period, or when you decide to launch your store, you should pick a plan and make a payment, in order to continue running your store.
Does Sell365 has an activation fee?
There is no activation fee for starting your online store with Sell365.


Can I track my shipments?
Yes. You and your customers can track the shipments, using track your order function.
How can I know about my shipping charges?
Shipping charges are shown in the order page. However, you can see the shipping charges in this page
Who will pay for my COD orders?
Shipping partner will collect the payment and pay directly to your account.
Is COD shipping available?
Yes. Refer this page for the list of COD enabled locations.
How should I proceed, if I dont have a courier account?
Once your account is activated and your subscription payment made, our support team starts shipping sign-up process. You will be approached by our shipping partner. You have to create an account with them and link with us and we will be guiding you at every moment.
What should I do, if I have a tie-up with DTDC?
You can easily configure your existing account with the admin panel of Sell365.
Will you charge anything for shipping?
No. Other than DTDC charges we are not charging anything.
Who is your shipping partner?
We have DTDC shipping gateway pre-integrated with sell365.