Using your existing domain with sell365

Step:1 Address (IP v4) A Record :

These are used to translate domain names into IP addresses.This needs to be set as an A Record or an AAAA Record respectively, for that particular domain name.

A Record IP:

Step:2 Canonical Name (CNAME) Record:

CNAME Records are domain name aliases. Often computers on the Internet have multiple functions such as Web Server, FTP Server, Chat Server, etc.. To mask this, CNAME Records can be used, to give a single computer multiple names (aliases). Sometimes companies register multiple domain names for their brand-names but still wish to maintain a single website. In such cases, a CNAME Record maybe used to forward traffic to their actual website.


www.abc.in could be CNAME to www.abc.com.
The most popular use of the CNAME Record, is to provide access to a Web Server using both the standard www.yourdomainname.com and yourdomainname.com (without the www). This is usually done by adding a CNAME Record for the www name pointing to the short name [while creating an A Record for the shorter name (without www)]. CNAME Records can also be used when a computer or service needs to be renamed, to temporarily allow access through both the old and new name.

CNAME Record:
CNAME Name: www
CNAME Value: sell365.com.

Step:3 Name Server (NS) Record:

NS Records identify the DNS servers responsible (authoritative) for a Zone. A Zone should contain one NS Record for each of its own DNS servers (primary and secondary). This mostly is used for Zone Transfer purposes (notify). These NS Records have the same name as the Zone in which they are located.






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